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UK Tour

Provided full technical production services.

Budgets & technical finance management

Audio, visual & lighting systems



Precise Live provided practical, technical, and management support: budget planning, technical finance management, logistics, and an expert crew.  As part of the support package, we organize the transport and accommodation between venues for the crew and equipment. From a small town to a major city, home or abroad, we get the equipment there, get it up and running and then pack up and move onto the next stage. We supply and run all the audio, visual, and lighting systems to make tours like Gabrielle’s a success enjoyed and talked about by audiences at every stage of this UK and overseas tour.


Hide & Seek Festival

Greater Manchester

Site Management

Provided technical production services


Precise Live is proud to be part of the inaugural Hide and Seek Festival in 2019. A massive music event - we helped with budgeting, technical production, and site management. It is a unique outdoor live event held in the Mill Wood section of Capesthorne Hall. Festival goers experienced techno and underground minimal house music as well as traditional disco. Putting on an event surrounded by the woodland trees in the grounds of this northern stately home requires some innovative approaches with technical equipment.  

The Precise Live motto is that it doesn’t matter where you hold your event, indoors or out; we have the experience to handle all the production services you need.

Respect Aretha Franklin Theatre Show

UK Tour

Provided full technical production services.

Budgets & technical finance management

Audio, visual & lighting system



Tours take work – planning, implementing, and managing. The Precise Live team provides a full service, including the planning (equipment, budget, running order, logistics, travel and people, and financial management). The audio, video and visual lighting systems are a significant part of the performance. Our crew on tour ensures the equipment is treated like a star performer and groomed to deliver the best performance.

Logistics is a simple word that covers plenty of work – transporting equipment and crew, arranging accommodation, equipment storage, and venue access, as well as timing the itinerary to perfection.


Sound Systems

Bestival Reggae Roots Stage

Audio systems

Dj Equipment


On this occasion, our crew set up the audio systems and seamlessly integrated the DJ equipment. It takes a lot of backstage and pre-performance work to make the on-stage performance flawless and engaging. Our expertise meant that no one noticed the equipment -except when they were supposed to, with our expert speaker stacking in front of the stage, giving the audience that big music festival atmosphere. 

This three-day festival to end the festival season attracts artists like U-Roy and the Trojan Sound System. The audio system and DJ equipment set up by our professional team meant every one of the lucky 600 in the audience got to experience superb sound and performance.


Our Services

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Event Production Management

Over a decade of experience in Event Production Management means Precise Live can give you everything you need for your event -we can put together a service package covering:

Audio, visual and lighting systems – high quality and performance-ready.

Logistics – we get your equipment to your venue, set up a takedown efficiently and safely.

Experienced crew – for sound, light, and video engineering, we take care of the technical details.

Travel – plane, train, automobile, tour buses, and hotels, we seamlessly organise our team and equipment arrangements to arrive on time and ready to work at every stage of your tour, event, or festival.

Staging and set design – we build a basic set or a creative and innovative custom set design to fit your performance theme and preferences. Theatre, concert, wedding, or conference, we match the staging and set to the event to provide the mood and atmosphere required.

Site management – varies between event types, but we have plenty of experience with unique sits and challenges.

What type of event can we cover? Everything. Seriously Precise Live covers any event from a fashion show to a music tour and everything in between. 

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Audio Rental

There are plenty of events where you want to use high-quality sound systems to create a unique and memorable experience. For these, audio equipment rental is the affordable solution to getting the best sound system within a budget. Precise Live can supply (and set-up) everything you need from microphones, speakers, control and monitoring systems, and all the small components that creates a complete audio system in your chosen location for your event.
A significant advantage other than the cost-saving is that you don’t have the problem of storing and maintaining expensive audio equipment. You get the equipment best suited to your event.

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When you want to invest in a permanent high-quality sound, light, and visual system in your venue – call Precise Live.  We can integrate the best system for your Houses of Worship, restaurant, bar, club shop, live music venue, conference centre, hotel, leisure centre, and any other premise.
Our professional team will assess your premises and give you a tailor-made custom solution to provide you with the right amount and quality of equipment to perform in your space and for your purpose. We will work with you to ensure you get all the functions and control necessary to provide high-quality sound for your clients and audience.

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Training Program

Precise Live believes in investing in training for newcomers to the music and sound industry. We provide opportunities for our trainees and volunteer to get relevant, valuable, practical experience to build their portfolio and experience actual working roles in this industry.
The biggest barrier to people finding their first job is a lack of experience and training - we provide both and work with under-represented individuals to start their career and mentor them to develop and hone their skills.

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About Precise Live

Precise Live provides a full production event and integration service covering audio, video, lighting systems, crew, and logistics. Our experienced and professional team transforms your event into the performance space of your dreams. Precise Live works with you to create unique and involving experiences for your audience at all levels – conferences, festivals, concerts, theatre, weddings, and any event where you want professional sound, light, and video.


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